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Moore County, NC Y-DNA Project
Moore County, NC Y-DNA Project
DNA Results and Analysis for Moore County families including Allen, Bean, Brewer, Britt, Brown, Caddell, Cagle, Carpenter, Chriscoe, Cockman, Cole, Davis, Deaton, Furr, Garner, Hardin, Horner, Hunsucker, Jackson, Kennedy, Key, Maness, McIntosh, McNeill, Melton, Monroe, Moore, Morgan, Muse, Nall, Phillips, Richardson, Ritter, Sanders, Seawell, Sheffield, Smith, Stewart, Stutts, Sullivan, Wallace, Williams and Williamson. 
  14 Jul 2018
1782 Tax List, Montgomery County, NC
1782 Tax List, Montgomery County, NC
One of the oldest existing Tax List from Montgomery County after formation in 1779. Many Moore County residents are listed as they owned property in Montgomery. The "invalid' notation seems to refer to those landowners who didn't reside in the county. 
  5 Jul 2018
Family History of Kidd, Brooks, Martindale and Brewers as described by Martha Kidd Williams.
Family History of Kidd, Brooks, Martindale and Brewers as described by Martha Kidd Williams.
Can't verify the accuracy of all of the information but it is a good starting place as much of it can be proven through other sources. 
  3 Jul 2018


 ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born/Christened   Location   Last Modified 
Wallis, S. 
   17 Jul 2018
Wallis, M. 
   17 Jul 2018
Wallis, Garvin 
b. 8 Jul 1909   17 Jul 2018
Wallis, Henry Esau/Zachariah 
b. 22 Sep 1882   17 Jul 2018
Wallis, William Hawkins 
b. 29 Nov 1851   17 Jul 2018
Wallis, Brantley 
   17 Jul 2018
Phillips, Emily 
b. 1811   17 Jul 2018
Martindale, Nancy 
b. 28 Jan 1841   17 Jul 2018
Welch, James 
b. 30 Jun 1844   17 Jul 2018
Welch, Nancy Jane 
b. 6 Feb 1882   17 Jul 2018

 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Mother's Name   Married   Last Modified 
 I41676  M. Wallis        17 Jul 2018
 I41675  Garvin Wallis        17 Jul 2018
 I41674  Henry Esau/Zachariah Wallis        17 Jul 2018
 I41673  William Hawkins Wallis        17 Jul 2018
 I41672  Brantley Wallis        17 Jul 2018
 I35923  Bennett Wallace  I35933  Sally Vandiver  2 Aug 1819  17 Jul 2018
 I15657  Eli Welch  I15658  Emily Phillips    17 Jul 2018
 I30003  James Welch  I30000  Nancy Martindale  30 Sep 1866  17 Jul 2018
 I41670  Jacob Monroe Hatch  I41671  Nancy Jane Welch    17 Jul 2018
 I41669  . Politi  I41668  T. Hatch    17 Jul 2018