Family: Everet Wallace / Caty\Catherine


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Beyond Everet Wallace

Despite over twenty years of research and close examination, Everet Wallace [c1770-c1845] still remains our genealogical roadblock. There have been many theories, close calls, and pure guesses as to who Everet's father was and where the family originated prior to Everet living in Moore County, NC.

My belief has always been that Everet was either born in Moore County, NC or moved there at a young age. My grandfather, Mallie Wallace, said his grandfather, Emsley Wallace, told him that Everet was the first Wallace "in the country". Now while we know he was nowhere near the first Wallace in the United States, "in the country" probably meant "around here/upper Moore County. " Two of Everet's children lived until the 1880 Census and both Isham and Franey listed their parents as having been born in NC so I feel pretty confident that Everet was born in NC.

In this document, you will find some of the most prominent unconfirmed leads that I have been able to find. If you will notice that none of these speculations can be found in my actual family tree as I have no factual evidence regarding their relationship to Everet. These are purely speculative thoughts based on my personal research.

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