Everet Wallace

Male Abt 1770 - Abt 1845  (~ 75 years)


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Wallace DNA Project

The results of numerous Wallace and Ritter DNA tests

Linked toAaron Ritter; Aaron Ashley Flowers Ritter; Benjamin Franklin Ritter; Eli Junior Ritter; Everet Solomon Ritter; Everett Ritter; George Drathon Dickson Ritter; Gilmer Allison Ritter; James Bradbury Ritter; James Henry Ritter; Jesse Ritter; Jesse Ritter, Jr.; John Ritter; Captain John Ritter; John Robert Ritter; John Spinks Ritter; John Thomas Ritter; Lazarus Ritter; Mark Ritter; Moses Ritter; Thomas Ritter; Thomas Wesley Ritter; Wiley Lively Ritter; William Ritter; William D. Ritter; Alexander Clark Wallace; Audrey Howard Wallace; Chisholm Clark Wallace; Claude Clark Wallace; Claude Cleveland Wallace; E. Milton Wallace; Eli Wallace; Elias Wallace; Emsley Thomas Wallace; Erasmus Stimpson Wallace; Everet Wallace; Fletcher John Wallace; Herman Sleigh Wallace; Hurley Carlton Wallace; Isaac Spinks Wallace; Isham Wallace; Isham Wallace; Isham Wallace; Jerome A. Wallace; John Wallace; John Wallace; John Mack Wallace; John Spinks Wallace; Joseph Wallace; Kendrick Wallace ['More Links']

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